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Nov 02, · My semen isn't thick and white??? I masterbate like once everyday and when i ejaculate my semen is not white it is clear and thin. Is it because i masterbate too much or something? and, is there a way that i can make my semen whiter, naturally, Status: Resolved.

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Nov 05, · "Difference Between White and Clear Sperm." December 14, Well what would you call (cum) then if sperm is not sperm but is semen what is (cum) what’s nutting off new words my juice is white with a bit of clear mixed around like always/5(37).

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Semen is not always white in color. Semen has been known to be white, clear, beige, and even contain some yellow tints. However, if you are worried about it or wanting to start a family, you may.

My sperm isn't white is that normal?Why? Answers Follow Share. 1 doctor weighed in: My sperm isn't white is that normal?Why? 1 doctor weighed in Want a second opinion? Dr. Scott Roseff. Fertility Medicine. For these services, please use HealthTap Prime or HealthTap Concierge. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Donato on my cum is really white is that normal: Normal color os white or slightly off white/yellowish, oralmost clear depending upon your volume of seminal fluid.
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My sperm isnt white

Feb 02, · Recently with in the last 4 months i have noticed that when i ejaculate my semen is not a thick white any more. It is now clear as if i was ejaculating precum. I'm really concerned about this. Is there any thing i can do to get my semen back to its natural thick white color? clear semen. datnewkidd. August 4th, I'm a 37yrld man.

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Ok, you don’t have to admit it out loud, but if you’re like me in my younger days you probably ran to the good ‘ol Web and Googled. Your semen color says a lot about your health. Normally your semen is cloudy white, but it can change color depending on a few factors. READ: Size DOES Matter!What Your Testicles Reveal About Your HealthAuthor: Peter Jideonwo. Most the time, clear sperm is not a big deal. But if the answer to "why is my sperm clear" is retrograde ejaculation, then you should take it seriously. In this condition, the sperm does not move out from the urethra properly and is released in the bladder during an orgasm.

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Why is my sperm yellow? Infections, urine in semen, old age or STDs all can be the causes. with age, which will have an impact on the quality of your sperm. With a testosterone booster, you will have healthy white semen with improved libido and better muscle tone. Yellow semen is not always a condition to concern because the issue goes. Feb 27, · The medical term for male ejaculate is semen, but many people refer to it as sperm. When one refers to sperm color, he is usually referring to the color of semen. Usually, semen is white or grayish in color, due to the large amount of proteins present in the secretions. Yellow may also be a normal sperm color for some men.

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Im 19 and i have never had white semen. Its usually clear like pre cum. Why isn't my semen white? Will I not be able to have kids? Anonymous. Sexual Health. Facebook. Twitter. Im 19 and i have never had white semen. Its usually clear like pre cum. Its not that i cum to often because i dont masturbate or have sex very often only like 3 times. Why is my sperm yellow? A yellow-colored ejaculation can cause anyone to get alarmed. Normally, semen is whitish to a light gray in color. As men get older, they notice that the color of their semen is not as whitish as it used to be. Instead, there is a light yellowish tinge to it which happens gradually and is often not noticed.
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A sperm is the regenerative cell of a man. It is in charge of the milky or white color of the semen. Subsequently, a clear seminal liquid may demonstrate a low sperm count. At the point when the sperm check is under 20 to million for each ml, it is viewed as low. yellow cum – is that normal? By Guest | posts, last post 9 months ago. my hwole life my cum was white and today i came yellowish it wasnt white what ever it was, so i waited a while, and i had to see if it was a one time thing and i came again. but its still yellow, well a little yellowish tint to it. but yeah, i .

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